uniPaaS 2.0

uniPaaS simplifies building and deploying business applications
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uniPaaS is an application platform that simplifies the process of building and deploying business applications. uniPaaS is used to build and deploy full client, rich internet applications (RIA), mobile applications and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offerings.

uniPaaS provides all aspects of the application development and deployment process within a single end-to-end platform. It features a ready-made business application engine that simplifies the code-writing process and enables you to deploy to market faster, using fewer resources.

Main Features :
- On-time and on-budget application delivery
- Highly functional and user-accepted business applications
- Fewer working technologies to design and test
- Faster development cycle – lets you react faster to new business opportunities
- More application interoperability – get more from existing applications
- Scalable – make future changes easily and cost-effectively
- Simply convert existing applications to RIA & move to Cloud model from the same code base
- Mobilize your workforce with mobile device access, anytime, anywhere
- Better security – browser-free sandbox

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